The Bulldog Club of Canada has established new requirements for their Health Certification Program. The new
program has 5 levels of recognition-Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. We encourage all of our members
to test, record and send in the results to OFA and also to the Health Director, Tammy McAllister. Preserving our
breed is of utmost importance to all of us and this is a big step in the right direction. Please send in all results to
Tammy McAllister at
The Bulldog Club of Canada Health Certification Requirements
Passing results are required on all eligible certifications EXCEPT DNA based health screenings(passing results
eligible for certification are defined by OFA). Any result will be accepted for DNA based health screenings,
including but not limited to, Clear, Carrier or Affected. All results including DNA specific results, must be submitted
to OFA and be verifiable in their public database.

Eligible Certifications:   Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid and Trachea can be performed anytime after 12
months of age.

Hips and Elbows can be performed after 24 months of age.

DNA based health screening can be done at any age

Required for bulldog breed for CHIC Number
OFA Congenital Cardiac(all certifications accepted, Echo preferred)
OFA Patellar Luxation
OFA Tracheal Hypoplasis

More Eligible Certification:

OFA Thyroid
OFA Elbow Dysplasia
OFA Hip Dysplasia

Eligible DNA based health screening:
****Can be done at any age****

CystinuriaType 3 DNA Marker

BRONZE- successful completion of any 4 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

SILVER -successful completions of any 5 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

GOLD-successful completion of any 6 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

PLATINUM-successful completion of any 6 of the eligible certifications/DNA screenings

DIAMOND-successful completion of all eligible certifications/DNA screenings

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Have questions regarding Health
please reach out to
Tammy McAllister