2018 National Bulldog Specialty Sponsors
We would like to thank each and everyone that donated or
sponsored our 2018 National Bulldog Specialty, and booster.
With all of your contributions and generosity the show was a
great success. So Thank You to all of you. We hope that we
have not forgot anyone.

Thank you to Keyaira Olson, Stephanie Kroonen and Pat O'Keefe for the
great job that you did on the ring markers. They look amazing ladies you
did a fantastic job.
Chris & Stephanie Napier Kincardine
donated by
Carmen & Leslie Salvatore
Donated by
Kim DeKoning
BeaverSprings Manufacturing
We would like to recognize the following
people who also donated Silent Auction
prizes or donated time.

Darlene Eschlboeck
Chalice Gattinger
Jaden Kellett
Tammy & Amanda McAllister
Trevor & Mary
Vickie Umpleby
Knut & Christine Pelzer
Shyanne Polley
Elizabeth Hugo
Yvonne Poire

Thank you to Christine Trotter for putting together the
Cystinuria & HUU testing.
This was the first year for our Welcome bags and we
hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did. A
huge thank you to all of the following for donating
items to make these bags a great success

Kandie/Stephanie Kroonen
Matthew & Brandy McKee
Darlene & Albert Eschlboeck
Michele Gerber
Shyanne Polley
Shannon Chapman
Keyaira Olson
Dennis Mundy & Susan Leggat
Trevor & Mary Harris
Casagrande Bulldogs
Thank you Darlene &
Albert Eschlboeck for
sponsoring the Booster
held on Sunday May 20th
Thank you to Kandie
Kroonen for donating the
take home trophy for this
years Best of Breed
Winner, as well as one for
the winner of last years
National Specialty.