Constitution of the

Section 2:  The objects of the Club shall be to protect and advance the interests of the bulldog breed. In particular, the Club
      shall maintain a standard of excellence for the guidance of bulldog breeders, owners and judges; encourage
      interest in the breed through public education and public showings of bulldogs; and work for the general good of
      bulldog breeders, owners and exhibitors.

Section 3:  The Club shall serve as the owner and defender of the breed standard of its breed in Canada for all Canadian
      Kennel Club registered bulldogs.

Article II: Form of Organization
Section 1:  The Club shall be a national organization operating in Canada. It shall be structured in three (4) geographic divisions,
      namely the British Columbia Division, the Prairie Division, Central Division and Atlantic Division.
      The Prairie Division shall include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Northwest Territories.
      The Central Division shall include Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut.
      The Atlantic Division shall include New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Section 2:  Membership in the Club shall be open to any individual of good character and standing who supports the objects of the

Section 3:  The Club shall maintain accreditation as a breed club by the Canadian Kennel Club and shall operate in accordance
      with the by-laws, regulations and policies of the Canadian Kennel Club.

Article III: Governance
Section  1: The Club shall be governed by an Executive Committee comprising:

      Five (5) officers, namely a President, Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary  and Treasurer, elected by the
      members in accordance with the Club’s By-Laws; and

      Twelve (12) directors, three (3) of whom shall represent each Division, appointed by the elected officers in accordance
      with the Club’s By-Laws.

Section 2:  The officers of the Club shall be residents of Canada and members in good standing of the Club and of the Canadian
      Kennel Club.

      The directors of the Club shall be residents of the Division represented and members in good standing of the Club and
      of the Canadian Kennel Club.

Section 3:  The term of office for officers and directors shall be two (2) years.

Section 4:  The authority to propose amendments to this Constitution and to propose By-Laws and amendments thereto shall be
      vested in the Executive Committee. Such amendments and By-Laws shall be submitted to a vote of the membership at
      a general meeting of the Club and, if approved by a two-thirds majority of the members in attendance, shall be
      submitted to the Canadian Kennel Club for its approval and shall become effective upon receipt of said approval.